Lincoln Fayre & Coast Explorer
3rd December 2011

(photo - Peter Enefer)
67025 brings the Lincoln Fayre & Coast Explorer into Barnetby station after being held for several minutes on the Lincoln branch.

(photo - Peter Enefer)
It is routed into platform 1 to await a second locomotive to allow departure from Cleethorpes terminus.

(photo - Peter Enefer)
67022, having arrived via the Scunthorpe line, is seen about to "top & tail" the train at Barnetby.

(photo - Bill Gladwell)
67025 heads the Lincoln Fayre & Coast Explorer non-stop through Grimsby Town station...

(photo - Bill Gladwell)
...with newly attached 67022 on rear on way to Cleethorpes on 3/12/11.

67025 brings the Lincoln Fayre & Coast Explorer into Cleethorpes almost 60mins late on 3/12/11.

(photo - Corin Heathcote)
Bringing up the rear of the train is 67022

The Pathfinder Tours train had started from Eastleigh and had dropped some passengers at Lincoln....

... before continuing to Cleethorpes via Barnetby where 67022 had been attached to the rear of the train.

67025 at Cleethorpes buffer stops.

67022 basks in the final sunlight of the day whilst the hardy day-trippers take a coach ride to the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway.