156417 crossing High Street and entering Lincoln station
with a train from Cardiff Central - 16th Oct `01

156406 leaves Lincoln station - 16th Oct 2001

66250, at Pelham Street Junction, seen coming down the ex GC line from Barnetby,
on a coal train from Immingham. The line to the right goes to Sleaford. 16th Oct 2001.

Quiet February 2003 Sunday morning view of Lincoln Central station from High St. level crossing.
It is this crossing which could be closed to road traffic for 45 mins every hour if ECML freight is
re-routed via Sleaford, Lincoln & Doncaster as has been suggested.

144014 passes East Holmes signal box as it heads towards Lincoln Central. The new building behind the train is the University of Lincoln,
which now stands on land once occupied by East Holmes yard and Lincoln motive power depot.  Feb 2003.

A central trains service heads northwards out of Lincoln passing East Holmes box. Feb 2003.