Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway Historical Vehicle Trust

The LCLR is host to a number of historically important items of WD narrow gauge railway stock which in addition to being
displayed at the annual gala can be demonstrated on pre-booked photo charters, as seen in these pictures from mid Sept 2013.

1941 Motor Rail (LCLR No 6) hauls the 1917 Class D flat bogie wagon with Class P ration wagon attached.

1920 Motor Rail (LCLR no7 "Nocton" minus nameplates) hauls the 1917 open class D bogie wagon and the
1918 Ambulance Van along Drainside Straight.

The trains arrive at South Loop where they will propel backwards to provide photographic run pasts.

With No 6 and the ration wagon in South Loop No 6 brings a three vehicle train to the present end of the line.

A change of engines, and No 7 (with second man on board) passes No 6 in loop.

No 7 rounds the sharp curve at Drainside.

With two class Ds No 7 approaches the South Loop.

A double header with two class Ds and three class Ps .... the country section.

The scene at the rail dump clearing.