Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway - September Galas

The September Gala has become a regular event at the Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway Skegness.
This view shows R to L Peckett 0-6-0 "Jurassic" in front of Sand Hutton coach, Simplex loco "Nocton" in front of
Nocton Estates coach & Ashover coach, class D bogie wagon in front of WW1 ambulance van, and WD Simplex in front
of Class P & class D wagons of LCLRHVT. Sept 2010.

The opportunity is taken to display all of the LCLR stock outside the shed, and in addition to the normal passenger train,
to give demonstration runs with the WW1 trench railway stock. Here WD Simplex (LCLR no 6 of 1956) hauls
class P ration wagon and class D open bogie wagon out of yard....

...and into station loop. The RO now gives the green flag for the WD train to join the main line..

... for a demonstration run of our WW1 trench railway vehicles. This was the first time the vehicles
have been run for a public event at Skegness. Sept 2010.

WD Simplex loco (LCLR no 6) with class P wagon (carrying two stretchers on top) and open
bogie wagon class D rounding airfield curve.

Back in the yard shunting takes place assembling another demonstration train.

LCLR no 6, Motor Rail Simplex of 1956, rounds the curve with a demonstration WD train consisting of restored
class D bogie wagon (built 1917) fitted with stretchers for casualties, and the only example of a WW1 ambulance van in UK.
This ambulance van was built in 1918 and restored in East Yorkshire in the 1970s. Sept 2011.

An internal view of the 1918 ambulance van showing one end with six stretchers,
there would be more stretchers behind photographer at other end.

The returning service train is given the green flag to enter Lakeside station, whilst a WD train waits to enter main line.

WD Simplex loco (LCLR no 6) with Class D bogie wagon and ambulance van returning from South Loop.
NB. This section of the line is normally out of bounds to photographers, as are the next 4 viewpoints.

This view shows how the Class D wagon has been converted to carry 4 stretchers on top.

LCLR No 6 with two class D bogies, ambulance van and 1920`s bow framed Simplex "Paul" at rear.

A test run from South Loop prior to first gala with no 6, ambulance van, class D & "Paul" and a light aircraft
taking off from Skegness Airfield. Aug 2010.

A view of locomotive run round movements at the South loop. This was on 3/5/09 reopening day rather than a September Gala.