The Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway
Humberston, Nr Cleethorpes.
This 2ft gauge railway, utilising ex WD track from the Nocton Estates Light Railway, opened in 1960 and provided a useful transport link between the Humberston Fitties caravan park and bus services to Cleethorpes from its North Sea Lane terminus. The railway closed at Humberston in 1985 and was lifted soon afterwards.

The locomotives, stock, and track were initially put into storage - and in the intervening years the railway was painstakingly rebuilt at Skegness Water Leisure Park, finally reopening to the public in May 2009.

(Photo - Authors collection)
"Jurassic" in steam at North Sea Lane with early liveried Ashover coach in background - 1962/63.

(Photo - Authors collection)
A pair of ex WD ambulance vans in red livery stand in North Sea Lane yard, with passenger train in foreground. 1964/5

(Photo - Authors collection)
Simplex "Wilton" receives attention whilst passengers arrive on platform - 1966.

(Photo - Authors collection)
Nice view of yard with red Ashover coach, ambulance vans (used for storage)
and Simplex with later liveried blue Ashover coach - 1966.

(Photo - Authors collection)
The scene at the later North Sea Lane terminus between 1969 & 1971 as "Jurassic" stands in yard whilst
Simplex "Wilton" stands in platform road with Ashover coach.

(photo - Bill Davison)
A nice shot of Simplex "Major", before body & cab was fitted, approaching South Sea Lane terminus - 9th May 1971

(photo - Roy Lambeth)
A busy view of the later North Sea Lane LCLR terminus approx 1974 when a party, possibly from M&GN society, visited.

(photo - Roy Lambeth)
0-4-0 "Elin" was in steam giving footplate rides in the yard.

(photo - Roy Lambeth)
"Jurassic"  was on passenger duty hauling the D class , the open coach and the 2 Ashover coaches.
"Major", one of the lines Motor Rails, was used at the tail of the train as it was too long to run round.

(photos - Ron Redman NGRS)
LEFT - Jurrasic reverses onto one of the ex-Ashover Light Railway coaches for
a NGRS special at North Sea Lane in 1962 - Ruston diesel in front of shed.

RIGHT - Jurassic at North Sea Lane terminus with another NGRS special,
this time comprising of the ex-Sand Hutton Railway coach circa 1982.

"Jurassic" runs around its train as passengers disembark for Humberston Fitties  - 1982.

Peckett 0-6-0 "Jurassic" (built 1903) at the South Sea Lane terminus in 1982

"Jurassic" pictured by a fine example of a somersault signal,
ready to depart from North Sea Lane in 1982

(photo John Law)
A fine photograph of "Jurassic" alongside an Ashover coach at the North Sea Lane terminus in 1985

(authors collection)
Jurassic, open coach, and Ashover coach.

(photo - courtesy of Graham Newell)
"Jurassic" and driver pose for the camera at South Sea Lane station.

(authors collection)
Mick Allen in charge of "Jurrasic" at Beach station in mid 60`s.

(photos - courtesy C.Bates)
Two nice views ... of a young lady visiting what was then a very new and pristine South Sea Lane station as the LCLR had just been
rebuilt on a new alignment south of its original 1960 route and extended into the Fitties Camp to terminate at South Sea Lane.

(photo - courtesy Richard Shepherd & Paul Walkinshaw)
A picture of the bow framed Simplex loco "Nocton" circa 1969, the year it arrived from Nocton Estates. It was turned round
later to face the same way as the other Simplexes so that the door faced the platform and the starting handle faced away
so that it could be started when parked in the shed!

(photo C.Bates)
Another rare shot of the Nocton locomotive (in "as it arrived" condition) after turning as mentioned
above, with the open coach and Ashover coach at North Sea Lane terminus. 1971.