Presentation to past president of
Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway Historical Vehicles Trust.

Left to right Mrs Sheila Robins, Jim Smith of LCLR HVT and Major Robins

The Trust's first president, Major J.A. Robins RE has been presented with a nameplate in cast brass bearing his name and regiment-R.E. (Royal Engineers).
The nameplate follows a long standing military tradition by honouring the C.O. of the unit. This is the nearest the Trust could come to following this tradition and
the first time a loco has been named after Major Robins. The nameplate will eventually be fixed to the Trust's locomotive, the former Skegness Brickworks Simplex
donated by our treasurer, Paul Walkinshaw, which is now awaiting restoration at the Skegness Water Leisure Park site.

The presentation was made on 20th January 2006 by Jim Smith, accompanied by Chris Bates (both longstanding members of the LCLR HVT), in Bridlington at
Major Robins' home. A bouquet of flowers was presented to Mrs Sheila Robins.

The decision to present a nameplate as a mark of gratitude for his enthusiastic and loyal support for the Trust was unanimously agreed at the 2005 Annual Meeting.
Making the presentation, Jim Smith emphasised that had not Major Robins responded so positively to the approach by the Trust's founders in 1982 for permission
to house and display its vehicles in the Museum of Army Transport at Beverley (which at that time the Major was involved in organising the railway part of the Museum),
then the collection would probably not have been restored to the condition it is in today.

Jim took the opportunity to update the Major on restoration to date of the Trust's vehicles and of the work towards reopening of the LCLR. The nameplate was cast
by the same firm, based near Ollerton, that did work for the late Fred Dibnah.

Major Robins has been succeeded as President of the Trust by Mr Fred Ellis, chairman of the LCLR Company and a director of Ellis Bros. Ltd., owners of the
Skegness Water Leisure Park. His generous support for the LCLR (Company and Trust) and his keen interest in the "Skegness Simplex" are crucial factors
in the encouraging progress being made at the site.

LCLR HVT 01/06