BBC television films "Casualty" scene at the Great Central Railway in 2001.

In late March 2001 a scene from BBC TV`s "Casualty" series was filmed in Loughborough.

This involved a simulated road accident where an ambulance smashes through a bridge parapet,
and onto a railway line. The crash damaged ambulance is seen in position above the line...

....securely fastened to a "jig" which allowed it to be tilted downwards for filming, at night.
But during the day 04 No.63601 passes under Beeches Rd bridge on 30th Mar 01.

Ambulances, actors caravans and transport outside Loughborough Central station, during the filming.

No mistaking that the ambulances belong to the fictional Holby Ambulance Service.

A suitably damaged ambulance used in the crash filming.
Transmission of the episode was on BBC1 on 15th September 2001.