The Great Laxey Mine Railway

29th June 2019

The Great Laxey Mine Railway offers visitors a glimpse into the Islands industrial past. Using two replicas
of the original locos (built 1877) trains run on the 0.25 mile long 19in gauge line from Valley Gardens to Mine Yard station.

The replica loco "Ant" built in 2004 by Great Northern Steam stands at Valley Gardens awaiting passengers.

Carriage No 1 was built by Alan Keef in 2004. The single carriage train has seating on one side only due to restricted clearances.

"Ant" leaving the station with driver standing up. The small seat is used on return.

The train enters the only remaining tunnel on the IOM. This goes under the A2 Douglas to Ramsey road and the MER.

Disappearing into the tunnel with clouds of steam.

Mine Yard station. The line originally continued for another 1.5 miles into the Great Laxey Mine, a mine very rich in lead.

The second replica loco "Bee" stands at the loco shed raising steam, whilst the shed volunteers have a tea break.

"Bee" was also built in 2004 by Great Northern Steam.

In the workshop stands "Wasp" the lines battery electric locomotive.

The train returns to Valley Gardens. The point leads to the loco & carriage sheds.

"Bee" brings the second train, using coach no 2, towards Mines Yard station. The 6 replica ore wagons were built
in 2000 by the Laxey Blacksmith, and are often demonstrated on trains.

"Bee" departs Mines Yard station.

"Bee" on the outward journey with standing driver.

"Ant" on the other train return to Valley Gardens. Not sure how comfortable the seat must be!