Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
40th Anniversary Friday 27th June 2008

WD 90733 climbs up the grade on GN straight with the 1015 goods from Keighley to Oxenhope.

41241 follows shortly afterwards with the 1050, a 3 coach vintage train, for Ingrow West.

The 1105 from Keighley tops Keighley bank with 45212 in charge.

Black 5 45212 moves from platform 3 to platform 4 at Keighley.

The fireman rearranges the loco headlamps prior to departure.

A platelayer taps rail keys back into place at Keighley whilst 41241 stands in platform 3 with the vintage train.

Vintage train "top & tailed" with 41241 & 85 at rear.

WD 90733 climbs out of Keighley....

...with the 1105 train.

90733 pictured again at Keighley - this time leaving with the 1340.

The gala was a celebration of 40 years of independent operation of the railway since its reopening in 1968.
Phil Healis (left) was fireman, and Robin Higgins (right) was driver on the inaugural train, seen here with original headboard.

After a recreation of the opening day days speeches on the platform 41241 makes a spirited departure at 1435 on 27th June 2008.

This train ran non-stop to Oxenhope pulled as in 1968 by Ivatt 2MT 41241 and the inaugural footplate crew.

"Superpower" on the 1755 Goods Train from Oxenhope seen approaching Haworth loop.