The Keighley and Worth Valley Railway from 2010

"Ironclad" LYR no 957 with a short freight train approaching Oakworth 2nd July 2010.

No.957 seen later on same day at Oakworth with only brake van, after having left wagons at Ingrow.

Ivatt 41241 pulls away from Oakworth station on 2nd July 2010.

Visiting Black 5 44871 takes water at Keighley during gala weekend - 12th Feb 2011.

Std class 4 80002 brings the 1432 hrs afternoon freight up the valley at Ingrow..

.. and heads towards Damems - 12th Feb 2011.

WD 90733 seen at same location with a train for Oxenhope - 12th Feb 2011.

The second visiting Black 5 44767 "George Stephenson" storms through Ingrow West without stopping, with the
delayed 1505 Keighley to Haworth & Oxenhope express - 12th Feb 2011.

Std class 4 75078 seen just after leaving Haworth station with the 11.45 Keighley to Oxenhope service - 14th August 2016.

Now 75078 is seen between Oxenhope and Haworth with the 12.30 Oxenhope to Keighley
- 14th August 2016.

Fireman of the down train hands the Keighley to Damems Junction token to the signalman. This train will wait in the loop
 here until the up train has passed and the crew have the Damems Junction to Oxenhope token in their possession
- 14th August 2016.

Approaching Oakworth on the climb from Damems Junction
- 14th August 2016.

Same location about 50 mins later sees 4F 43924 climbing up to Oakworth - 14th August 2016.

Newly restored BR standard class 2 locomotive no. 78022 enters Oakworth station on an ECS test train on 7th Sept 2018.
The loco is in green undercoat, whilst the tender is fully lined out.

Ivatt tank 41241 runs around its train at Keighley on 5th Sept 2019.

41241 stands at head of the 15.45 departure to Oxenhope on 5th Sept 2019.

S160 "Big Jim" climbing up to Oakworth from Damems loop - 1st September 2021

S160 no. 5820 "Big Jim" entering Oakworth station with an Oxenhope bound train on 1st September 2021.

"Big Jim" sits on the crossing during its stop at Oakworth.