Jolly Fisherman train runs again in 2008

On 6th June 2008 the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway recreated the "Jolly Fisherman" train, which used to run between
 the Midlands and the Lincolnshire seaside resort of Skegness, during their diesel gala and using a pair of Class 20 diesels.

The headboard from this iconic train was presented by BR to the town of Skegness and it normally resides in the Town Hall there.
Skegness Town Council kindly agreed to loan it to the railway for the day and it is seen here in the safe hands of the Mayor and
the Town Clerk of Skegness.

The Mayor and Mayoress of Skegness displaying the headboard before it is placed on the locomotives
waiting under the bridge at Keighley station.

The Jolly Fisherman, with assembled friends: 2 Butlins Redcoats, Billy and Skegness Councillor George Saxon.

The Mayor and the Jolly Fisherman stand by leading "chopper" locomotive 20110 (owned by South Devon Diesel Traction)

It`s a thumbs up from Jolly - but not quite time to depart!

Will he miss the train? After all he is an old man! The Jolly Fisherman character is celebrating his centenary in 2008
and the Mayor & Mayoress of Skegness help Jolly to cut his birthday cake on platform 4 at Keighley.

The Skegness party were also publicising the resort with guide books, holiday information and rock and badges for the children...
...and our long serving travelling ticket collector!

The train departed from Keighley at 1115 and approx 30 mins later arrived in Skegness.. sorry Oxenhope.

After detraining at Oxenhope Jolly stumbled on a most interesting find...

...the CAMRA award winning on train bar had been stocked up with best Lincolnshire real ale - Jolly Good too!


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