Retford - Gainsborough - Wrawby Junction

153352 on the 1312hrs (Saturdays Only) service to Cleethorpes pictured on 25th Oct 2003 at Gainsborough Central.
Passenger services are limited to 3 trains each way, on Saturdays only, between Sheffield & Cleethorpes.

60004 on a stone train passing Gainsborough Central signalbox on 25th Oct 2003.This line has in recent years only been open
to traffic on Saturdays, but much upgrading of track was evident here and the line is to be open 7 days a week from November 9th 2003
whilst engineering work takes place on the Scunthorpe to Doncaster line bridges.

A second view of 60004 passing through a very run down Gainsborough Central station.

A light engine running towards Wrawby Junction. Tracks & limeworks sidings on left are disused.
Some clever chappie has ammended the Lime Sidings signalbox nameboard!

Another view of Kirton Lime Sidings signalbox, showing its height and view over road bridge parapet.