The Jolly Fisherman to Skegness 9th April 2011

The day started out badly as the train from Kings Cross to Skegness passed through Boston some 40 minutes early
and I was stuck in my car at this level crossing..

.. however I managed a half decent pic of 70013 being hauled backwards (from Sleaford) by 37676,
as it crossed Bostons Grand Sluice bridge just next to my level crossing traffic jam.

(photo - Danny Young)
37676 seen here at Firsby heading towards Skegness..

(photo - Danny Young)
.. with 70013 steaming nicely at the rear.

(photo - Steve Priestley)
70013 "Oliver Cromwell" now seen after arrival at Skegness with "The Jolly Fisherman".

(photo - Steve Priestley)
Although the loco was facing the correct direction for the return journey a decision was taken whilst servicing at Skegness
to attach the class 37 diesel to pilot the steam loco home.

(photo - Danny Young)
37676 is thus seen at Firsby leading the Britannia pacific on the return journey.

I had decided to photograph the train at Old Leake station site. This was the second disappointment of the day - I expected
70013 on the front! Very worrying though was the number of members of the public on the track. Although I was behind a fence
there were 25 or more people at this location and many of them were clearly oblivious to the dangers of trespassing on a railway!
I managed to crop most of them out of shot except for this guy in blue.

"Oliver Cromwell" did not appear to be putting much effort in here - though it did give a long blast on the whistle.

(photo - Steve Priestley)
The diesel & steam duo seen finally at Boston heading for Kings Cross.