Steam on Immingham Shed (40B) in 1950`s

All photographs by John McCulloch

B1 61390 being cleaned on nights. As John (top of photo cleaning chimney)
says there was little health and safety in those days!

61284 being cleaned, and looking good, on the 6-00 pm to 2-00 am shift.

John McCulloch is in light overalls on the wheels of 61284. A grimy DubDee on left - did it get the same treatment?

 B1 61159 being cleaned inside the shed. Although the photo is somewhat unclear it certainly shows the atmosphere of a steam shed.

Immingham "namer" 61379 "Mayflower" on
the preparation pits outside the shed.

Another view of "Mayflower" on the pit.

The motion of a WD 2-8-0 on shed.