Horncastle Freight in 1964

(All Photographs taken 25th April 1964 John Jennison)

The train assembled in the platform road at Horncastle awaiting departure scheduled for 1010.
It originally ran Monday to Saturday inclusive but in the 1963 timetable it was reduced to Saturdays only, leaving
Woodhall Junction at 07.35 and arriving in Horncastle at 08.55. A leisurely timing!

Horncastle station & yard seen across the river.

Another view of Horncastle yard.

The train seen in the platform at Horncastle station.

Now seen leaving Horncastle bound for Woodhall Junction.

Woodhall Road bridge.

Woodhall Spa yard.

Woodhall Spa station site with freight approaching.

Crossing Coningsby Road in Woodhall.

Brush Type 2 D5527 with the train from Horncastle approaching Woodhall Junction.
Arrival time there was timtabled to be 10.55.