Heatherslaw Light Railway

23rd May 2017

The 2.00pm train to Etal seen passing under the girder bridge soon after departing from Heatherslaw station.
The railway is 2 miles long, 15 inch gauge, and is the most northerly narrow gauge railway in England.

The train now seen returning to Heatherslaw watched by a young railway enthusiast and his family.

With the permission of the crew I am able to photograph the loco being detatched from its train and running onto the turntable. Thanks gentlemen!
On the left is the railways original diesel hydraulic loco, built on site, "Clive" looking a bit weatherworn.

The 2-6-0 locomotive, completed by Alan Keefe in 2010 and named "Bunty", is turned.

Ready to run around its train. The driver is using the "walkie talkie".

With full pressure evident, "Bunty" runs through the run round loop at Heatherslaw.

Access to the shed, by kind permission of the M.D., finds the original steam locomotive of the railway, "The Lady Augusta". It was built under contract by
The Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway in Cumbria and is fully serviceable giving the railway two available steam locomotives.

In another shed, on raised track, is the railways latest loco, Perkins diesel engined "Blinky". This locomotive was constructed at Heatherslaw by the railway.

The view from the 3.00pm train to Etal as it follows the River Till for a large part of the journey, affording great views.

New from my last visit in 2000 is the passing loop.

The turntable at Etal with the loco being turned. The castle (English Heritage) can be seen top left and is easily accessed from the station.

The turntable is secured....

.... and "Bunty" runs around its train.

About to reverse back into Etal station to pick up the train.

A fine looking locomotive with a good weatherproof cab for the driver.

Final movement of the day at Heatherslaw as "Bunty" runs onto shed for disposal.
I would like to thank managing director Paul Smith and the locomotive crew for their kind permission to allow me to photograph at the lineside.

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