The Heatherslaw Light Railway
Northumberland UK.  21st May 2000

A charming 2 mile long 15inch gauge steam railway in Border country.
Lots for children (and adults!) to see as the line passes through farmland and then hugs the River Till for a time.

The Heatherslaw Mill terminus of the Heatherslaw Light Railway - loco taking water.

"The Lady Augusta" (built by Ravenglass & Eskdale Co. in 1989) brings a train into Heatherslaw Mill terminus.

The train has just passed under the bridge after leaving Heatherslaw station.

Typical scenery on the line which follows the River Till for a while.

At Etal station the loco is uncoupled and it runs forward onto the turntable.

"The Lady Augusta" is turned at Etal terminus ready for the return journey.