Humber International Terminal - Immingham

The first train to load imported coal at the new Humber International Terminal at Immingham West.

Class 66 no. 66153 in charge of the first train at the terminal on 29/8/02

Sign at entrance to Humber International Terminal. Class 60 on loaded iron ore from Bulk Terminal
to Corus Scunthorpe works.Overhead conveyor brings in ore & blended coal to stacking area.

Humber International Terminal construction took about 18 months,
including diversion or protection of underground services, one bridge extension,
 shortening the relay room, diverting signalling & telecomm cables and
 remodelling the junction in six weekend stages, each a fortnight apart.
 At present, there is one loading pad, which can grab load one train at once.
The second track is the run round only.

During construction of terminal a culvert under the Killingholme lines had to be extended to
accomodate the terminals reception sidings. Class 56 on empty MGR coal train
awaits entry to Bulk terminals coal pad. June 2002

Culvert work progressing well in late June 2002