Signalling between Grimsby & Cleethorpes in 1985 - part 2

The signalling at Grimsby Town remained under the control of Garden Street and Wellowgate

signalboxes until 1993 when they were both closed along with Friargate and Littlefield Lane and

 contol was transferred to an extended panel at Pasture Street.

Garden Street level crossing and signalbox seen from Grimsby Town station looking towards Cleethorpes in 1985. 

Left: Garden Street Platform 3 up home on platform.
Right: New Platform 3 home signal brought into use on 3rd Feb 1985.

Left: Wellowgate Platform 3 Down Home and Friargate Down Distant.
Right: Wellowgate Platform 2 Down Home and Friargate Down Distant.

Friargate Crossing box was later destroyed in a fire and had barriers installed.

Left: Friargate Down Home and Littlefield Lane down Distant.
Right: Friargate Up Home and Wellowgate Up Distant.

Left: Wellowgate Up Home and Garden Street Up Distant
Right: Garden Street Up Outer Home - Fixed Distant and shunting signal

Garden Street signalbox.

Pasture Street Up Inner Home repeater.

Left: Garden Street Down Outer Home with ex GNR trackbed from Louth beyond.
Right: Garden Street Down Inner Home and Fixed Distant.

Left: Pasture Street Up Inner Home
Right: Pasture Street Down Home and Distant.