Signalling between Grimsby & Cleethorpes in 1985

A series of photographs taken by Steve Clark of the signals on the route prior to the line between

Grimsby & Cleethorpes being made into a single line in 1985.

Left: Pasture Street goods line inner up home.
Right: Pasture Street up outer home.

Fish Dock Road up fixed distant at Grimsby Docks station.

Pasture Street down fixed distant at Grimsby Docks station.

Fish Dock Road signalbox and level crossing. This signalbox was closed in 1985 and the level crossing became a barrier
crossing controlled by CCTV from Pasture Street box.

Left: Fish Dock Road up co acting home signals.
Right: Fish Dock Road down home signal.


Left: Fish Dock Road down fixed distant at New Clee station.
Right: Cleethorpes up fixed distant near Suggitts Lane.

Left: Cleethorpes down outer home signal
Right: Cleethorpes down inner home
controlling access from platform 1 & 2

Cleethorpes signalbox was closed in 1985 when the line was singled.
 Signalling was then transfered to an NX panel at Pasture Street signalbox.

Left to Right: Platform 3, 2, 4 signal brackets on Cleethorpes station.

Left: Platform 1 home signal
Right: Platform 2 home signal - small arms allowed access to carriage sidings

Left: Signals for Platform 3
Right: Platform 5 home & access to fuelling point.

The refuelling point at Cleethorpes station.

Left: Platform 6 home
Right: Cleethorpes up home - carriage cleaning plant and Cleethorpes signalbox in distance.