Grimsby Area Railways B & W photo miscellany in 1960s (mostly!)

(photo Bill Gladwell)
"Flying Scotsman" seen leaving Grimsby Town approaching Deansgate Bridge in Feb 1969.

(authors collection)
WD 2-8-0 90425 entering Grimsby Town station over Wellowgate crossing in 1960`s with a train of ballast.

(authors collection)
B1 61190 ready to depart platform 2 at Grimsby Town on a wet day in late 1950s/early 1960s.

(photo courtesy of Nigel Kaminski)
A picture of Brick Pit Sidings, close to Alexandra Dock, on Grimsby Docks. The signal box closed c.1967.

About one mile from Grimsby is Great Coates station, seen here in 1980s just before the crossing gates were replaced
with automatic half barriers and the signalbox demolished.

(authors collection)
A Doncaster to Cleethorpes train calls at Habrough station on 10th September 1966.

(authors collection)
Immingham Dock station on 7th October 1967. The line saw few trains and served the dockworkers from Cleethorpes
and New Holland (connections from Hull), via Ulceby Junction.

(photo John Willerton)
BR std pacific 70013 "Oliver Cromwell" pictured  in mid 1960`s near Marsh Junction
coming into Grimsby from Immingham shed with two other locos - a common practice.

(photo - Graham Newell)
Britannia pacifics were regular visitors to Grimsby in the mid 1960`s with a number being shedded at 40B Immingham,

(photo - Graham Newell)
the first picture shows 70035 "Rudyard Kipling" reversing across Pasture Street level crossing on it`s way to Grimsby Docks
to pick up a fish train. The second picture is of same loco hauling its express fish train away from the Docks.

(photo - courtesy of Graham Newell)
An English Electric type 3 passing through Central Market in Grimsby - late 1960`s.

(photo - Bill Gladwell)
Class 40 / English Electric type 4 no. 40029 enters Grimsby Town over Garden St. crossing.

(photo - Dave Bell)
BR Britannia Class pacific 70040 "Clive of India" seen arriving in platform 2 at Grimsby Town station in early 1960s,
with the Cleethorpes express from Kings Cross via the East Lincolnshire Railway.

(photo - Dave Bell)
The train, now requiring a reversal, would then have another loco coupled on the rear end, and continue its journey to Cleethorpes.
70040 is seen here about to run light engine to Immingham shed. The guard already has the red rear light on the Cleethorpes train.

(photo - Bill Gladwell)
Gresley 02 2-8-0 No. 63977 seen passing Wellowgate crossing with a freight - 1960s

(photo - Bill Gladwell)
Britannia pacicific no. 70002 "Geoffrey Chaucer" in same location as above with bogie bolster empties - late 1960s

(photo - Dave Bell)
Newly built D8054 arrives at Cleethorpes on a test train from Doncaster around 1960.

(authors collection)
An old picture (pre 1960!) of what looks like a GNR Atlantic taking a southbound train over Winteringham Road
subway in Grimsby. The roadway is well and truly flooded - the dogs appear to enjoy their swim!