Grimsby Town station 2009/11

The east end of Grimsby town station showing the rationalisation that has taken place in recent years. Bay to right of
picture is lifted, as is the middle storage road in station. Platform 3 on left is now effectively a siding and avoiding lines to left of that are lifted.

153324 on a Saturdays only Cleethorpes to Sheffield service (via Brigg) about to cross Garden St. level crossing and enter
Grimsby Town from the east on 7th November 2009. The high level signal box is disused but is subject to a preservation order.

The west end of Grimsby Town station showing a Newark Northgate service in platform 3. The Yarborough Hotel on left
was built by the Great Central Railway.

185109 on a Cleethorpes to Manchester Airport service leaving Grimsby - 20/9/09.

Platform 1 at Grimsby Town, showing the new footbridge with passenger lifts, built earlier in year -29th November 2011.

The 2048 service to Cleethorpes awaits the green signal after passengers have alighted - 29th November 2011.

The disused signalbox at Garden Street seen from platform 1 - 29th November 2011..

Cleethorpes bound Trans Penine Express 185129 enters Town station over Wellowgate level crossing on 20th November 2009.

170306 seen at Littlefield Lane crossing on the approach to Grimsby Town station with a Manchester Airport
to Cleethorpes service on 5th October 2011.

153358 at Friargate crossing in Grimsby, with a service from Newark Northgate to Grimsby Town. 5/10/11

It is seen having passed Friargate in this view and about to pass under Deansgate Bridge and enter platform 3
at Grimsby Town station, for which points are set.