Goxhill Building Products - Barrow Haven.

All photographs by Mike Jackson - taken August 1979.

Brick and tile making were one of the traditional industries of the south bank of the River Humber in North Lincolnshire.
 Several of the companies used narrow gauge rail to move the clay. A clay cutting machine at the Goxhill works.

The clay is loaded into narrow gauge skip wagons for transporting to the works.

With a full load on four wagons the loco (RH 235654/46) makes a smokey start back to the works.

The portable track had some very tight curves...

... and was quite overgrown in places.

Part of the works with loaded wagons awaiting emptying.

A nice study of one of the RH locos.

Spare RH 223692/43 & derelict 175418/36. Mike says that he aquired the latters works plate - legally!

Now seen returning to the pits...

...where skips were propelled, often at speed, leading to the occasional derailment!