Le P`tit Train de la Haute Somme

29th September 2019

With the rain now heavy I retreated to the shelter of a large tree to capture the Borsig with a short freight which is seen standing in
Cappy station until the passenger train in front clears the Z section.

Now with a clear line the freight train begins its climb up to Cappy tunnel and the Z incline where it will run round and return to Froissy.

A later passenger train approaching Gare de Cappy....

... with the freight train following close behind. Lots of great "clag"!

The freight train again waits for permission to proceed up to the Z.

The Vulcan bursts out of Cappy tunnel with a later train and steam issuing everywhere.

The tunnel belches smoke & steam for several minutes after the steamer.

Following this time is locotracteur T25 of 1941 with a short train of Pershing vans for the Z.

Back at Gare de Cappy the Vulcan is being uncoupled from its Froissy bound train.

It runs back over the points and then into the loop.

At the same time the Decauville is seen bringing an uphill train towards Cappy.

It stops at the points, is uncoupled and then proceeds on to the stock in the platform.

The Vulcan now comes out of the loop and couples up to the uphill train.

The Vulcan takes the loop, passing both the Decauvilles train and the van train which has just arrived in the station from the Z.

With passenger trains now clear the diesel proceeds towards Froissy.

A most unusual arrival at Gare de Cappy was this 1917 Fairbanks-Morse US Army Speeder.

These incorporate a 125cc engine and can reach 30km/h or more.

With no gearbox, or clutch, they have to be turned to travel in the return direction.

This was accomplished here using a jack.

The final train of the day is seen here climbing up from the Z incline...

... to cross the Cappy-Dompierre road.

The loco runs round its train here at the plateau, a good mile or so short of Dompierre. Passengers detrain for photos.
Despite the weather it was a really good day at this great narrow gauge railway. Highly recommended!