Le P'tit train de la Haute Somme
1971 - 2011 - 40th anniversary gala - June 2011

The LBR Baldwin seen working hard up the grade in the wooded section between Cappy and the zig-zag. 2/6/11

The 0-8-0 Franco-Belge loco arrives at the incline...

... and propels its train up the gradient. The lower level can be seen through the trees on right, whilst the
upper level can just be see at top left of picture. 2/6/11

Now climbing the final section of the zig-zag, the mid section can be clearly seen on right.

In between the passenger trains freight trains were operating either to the bottom of the zig-zag, seen here,
or to Cappy Port. Here is 0-8-0T Borsig No 7 with Decauville 0-4-0T No 8069 and a short freight rake. 2/6/11

The Dargeeling class B is seen arriving at the bottom of the zig-zag system. 2/6/11

It then makes easy work of propelling its train up the first incline of the zig-zag. 2/6/11

The Baldwin loco, having just propelled up the first incline on right, now starts its final climb up to Santerre Plateau. 2/6/11

Out into the open - the Baldwin has successfully negotiated the zig-zag and the fireman looks critically at his exhaust.

CFCD No 10 bursts from Cappy tunnel and onwards to the wooded section of the line. 2/6/11