Le P'tit train de la Haute Somme - 2002
Froissy - Cappy - Dompierre

The railway has a modern well appointed museum at its terminus in Froissy.

The running shed with no.10 a Franco-Belge 0-8-0 type KDL raising steam.

No.10 on the turntable at Froissy, about to move off to collect its train seen on left of picture.

Seen soon after leaving Froissy terminus following the towpath along the Somme canal to Cappy.

Cappy station where the steam loco is replaced by diesels to work up the incline to Dompierre.

The line features zig-zags which allow the line to climb up to the Santerre Plateau and Dompierre.

Now on the plateau the line follows the road for a while before crossing it and terminating near the old sugar factory in Dompierre.

A later train returning to Froissy on the canal section.


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