The Fairbourne Railway
15th June 2013


0-4-0 locomotive "Sherpa" runs around its train at Fairbourne terminus prior to the final service of the day to Porth Penrhyn.

Coupling up to the train which looks good in the blue livery.

A close up of "Sherpa" which is based on a Darjeeling locomotive design.

About to enter the tunnel.

Barmouth bridge is now in sight as the train rounds the final curves into Porth Penrhyn station.

The locomotive runs around the train with a fine backdrop of Barmouth.

"Sherpa" runs back to take coal at Porth Penryn on 6th June 2014

The crew loading tubs at the coal dock to transfer to tender.

Inside the workshop at Fairbourne sees "Yeo" undergoing overhaul. 6/9/14

On same day "Russell" standing in the running shed.