Ecclesbourne Valley Railway

15th July 2012

Wirksworth station, the headquarters of the Ecclesbourne Railway. Derby Lightweight railcar M79900
stands in platform 3 with a shuttle service up the incline to Ravenstor.

Ravenstor station was opened by the EVR on the freight only line which serviced several quarries in the area.
It is about half a mile from Wirksworth station up a 1 in 27 incline.

M79900 stands at Ravenstor waiting to return to Wirksworth.

2 car dmu comprising Derby Heavyweight class 108 E50599 leading, with Pressed Steel Class 117 W 51360 trailing,
enters Wirksworth station with a service from Duffield.

A drivers view at Wirksworth looking towards Duffield.

Approaching Idridgehay station where the guard detrains and operates the level cossing gates.

Entering Duffield station where connections are available with Midland mainline trains.

The Pressed Steel unit seen at Duffield as passengers alight.

The Derby heavyweight on the other end displaying Wirksworth on the destination blind.

Drivers eye view as we pass under the A6 road overbridge on our departure from Duffield.

Idridgehay station as we await the opening of the level crossing gates.