East Lincolnshire Railway Exhibition 2015

October 2015 was 45 years since the East Lincolnshire Railway and most of its branches closed. To commemorate this event the Alford Manor House Museum
staged a superb exhibition of some of the surviving railwayana from the line. During 12 days some 2,000 people attended including BBC Radio Lincolnshire who
 broadcast all morning from the Museum. The range of exhibits was truly staggering and was assembled by collector Mike Fowler using some of his collection
and items loaned by other Lincolnshire collectors . There were also some loans from the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway. The public searched their lofts and sheds
 and brought items along covering a wide range of different railway artefacts. During the 12 days guided tours were given and an illustrated talk.

At present, Mike and the team are planning the 2020 exhibition to commemorate 50 years since the lines closed. Having made more contacts this will be on an
 even grander scale and the venue will be announced in November. It will run during August and September and close Sunday October 4th the day the last trains ran.

All photographs Mike Fowler

Left - BR withdrawal of services on the East Lincolnshire Railway notice.
Right - Enamel signs.

Station totems and cast nameplates.

Only Skegness retained its rail link after 1970.

A fine collection of oil handlamps on top shelf, with signal lamps on bottom shelf.

More cast & enamel signs, with a signalbox block instrument and lamps.

Railway travel posters with signalbox name boards on floor.

Top - a train finger post - possibly from Louth?

Burgh - le Marsh was always a well kept station!

Louth South signalbox sign.

A warning to passengers to use the footbridge sign.

Oil hand lamps.

Single line tokens for sections of the Mablethorpe loop.

Cast door signs.