Final Grimsby to Kings Cross train over East Lincolnshire Railway

October 4th 1970

In October 1970 the Lincolnshire Standard Group organised a final Grimsby to
Kings Cross train over the East Lincolnshire Line via Louth & Boston.

The above images are the souvenir brochure given to all passengers on board.

Train ticket

The ticket price seems very good value by todays prices!

Many thanks to A. Fletcher for allowing use of these items which belonged to
his grandmother who travelled on the train in 1970.

(photo - courtesy K. Barber)
The last London train over the East Lincs Railway seen at Monk's Dyke crossing in Louth on October 4th 1970.
Hauled by class 47, the train had to stop here as the crossing gates were stuck across the line!

(photo - courtesy K. Barber)
As train got underway again onlookers wave from the crossing.