East Lincolnshire Line - Boston area

All photos by M A King

Surfleet signalbox and crossing between Spalding and Boston - 4/4/70

Surfleet showing the remains of the closed station 4/4/70

Approach to Boston 8/9/73

Maltings to the south of Boston station 8/3/73

High Street Boston with the branch to the docks - 8/9/73

Two somersault signals on the dock branch - 8/9/73

Looking towards docks with bridge open to river traffic. 8/9/73

The threepenny bit shaped signal cabin at the swing bridge. 8/9/73

The River Witham with swing bridge open 8/9/73

Approaching Boston station from the south 4/4/70

West Street Junction signalbox and crossing 4/4/70

A roadside view of West Street box from the west. 8/9/73

A front view of West Street junction box 4/4/70

West Street Junction box with gates open to road traffic 8/9/73

A view of West Street Junction box on 20/9/2003 after gates replaced with full barriers.