Gainsborough Lea Road on the Doncaster to Sleaford line in 70`s

(Photographs by M. A. King)

Gainsborough Lea Road station on the GN & GE Joint line seen on 1/9/70

The view is from platform 1 looking towards Doncaster.

A view showing the staggered platforms with a Brush Type 2 shunting.

View from platform 2 looking towards Lincoln 1/9/70.

The running-in board on platform 1.

A view looking towards Lincoln.

Plaform 1 showing the wooden construction of the station.

As above.

Gainsborough Lea Road signalbox 1/9/70. This was badly damaged by fire in 2009, caused by a faulty heater, and never reopened.

View from Lincoln end of Platform 1.

Exterior of Gainsborough Lea Road station.

Period cars on forecourt of Lea Road station 1/9/70

Next signalbox to the south was Stow Park 29/7/89

Sleaford North signalbox on the approach to the town.