Dean Forest Railway

28th June 2014

The scene at Norchard High Level station platform on the morning of 28/6/14 as the fireman
 of 5541 exchanges the single line token with the Norchard signalman.

Norchard High Level platform seen from the train.

At Parkend station the fireman emerges from underneath the front of the loco after uncoupling.

The immaculate GWR prairie 5541crosses the road...

... and runs around its train...

...stopping for water at the water crane.

5541 now seen with train at the other end of the line, Lydney Junction.

Returning to couple up after running round train at Lydney Junction.

Departing from Lydney Town station.

A view of Norchard low level station from the train.

A later train bound for Lydney Junction seen from the low level platform.