Crowle Peatland Railway - North Lincolnshire

14th September 2019

Lincolnshire Heritage Open Days (2019) included Crowle Peatlands Railway. Schoma loco diesel hydraulic "The Thomas Buck" stands outside
the impressive workshop with attached slave unit, in between demonstration runs up the short length of trackwork.

The second of the operational Schomas stands in the shed...

....soon to be brought out into the open to allow photography of two locos side by side.

W/N 5220 "The Thomas Buck" pauses alongside W/N 5130.

"The Thomas Buck" heads back towards the shed with the slave unit leading - the "funnel" on slave is actually the sandbox!

The two road shed/workshop with loco W/N 5129, slave unit and peat wagon on right, and two peat wagon chassis converted to flat trucks on left.

The only remaining peat wagon of the system. They were lifted by large fork lift trucks to empty.

Schoma 5129 standing in front of slave unit.

The hefty slave unit which provided extra traction.

Looking back towards the shed.

The driver slowly negotiates the pointwork.

The control panel in "The Thomas Buck". Cab comforts include heating and air conditioning!

View from cab as we travel towards the buffers. Plans are in hand to extend onto the peat moor beyond the gate.

As a statement of intention some sleepers are already in place for extension.

View out of cab rear window as we return to the shed. I spent a very enjoyable two hours here - the volunteers were very welcoming and were
happy to share their knowledge of the peatlands and its railway system whick closed in 2001.