The Cheshireman - cont.
Cleethorpes to Chester 17th November 2007

West Coast class 47 stands at Cleethorpes station with stock for "The Cheshireman" at 0715 hrs 17/11/07.

"Union of South Africa" at head of train at Cleethorpes.

Support crew making final checks prior to departure.

View from end of Cleethorpes platform as train is nearly ready for 0748 hrs departure.

(photo John Willerton)
60009 now seen entering Grimsby Town station, its first pickup point since leaving Cleethorpes. 17/11/07

(photo John Willerton)
Safety valves lifting as "Union of South Africa" pulls across Wellowgate crossing at Grimsby Town. 17/11/07

(photo John Willerton)
Still with steam to spare the train leaves Grimsby Town approx 0810 hrs.

(Photo - Tom Brackenbury)
60009 nicely getting into her stride pictured passing Healing station, about 5 miles from Grimsby Town.

(Photo - Mick Eppinger)
"The Cheshireman" seen entering Barnetby station where it stopped to pick up passengers.

(Photo - Pete Enefer)
Having picked up at Barnetby and Scunthorpe 60009 is now seen just before its stop at Crowle station.

(photo - Bill Gladwell)
Wakefield Westgate seen from the train as we turn to head westwards.

View from train of water stop at Horbury Jn - train attracting photographers.