Chemin de Fer de Bon-Repos

Côtes d'Armor, Brittany, France - 30th August 2015

The old halt on the metre gauge Reseau Breton is home to an interesting railway revival group intent on restoring rail
travel on the section between Bon Repos and Gouarec.

In May 2015 a 60cm gauge line was opened on the Bon Repos site giving rides to the public. On my visit in August 2015
 this consisted of a re-engined Motor Rail Simplex diesel in between two open passenger carriages

A view of the site with 60cm track on right and metre gauge in front of station.

The Motor Rail Simplex. As the driver described it - A British locomotive, with a German diesel engine,
operating in France!

A view of 60cm stock on the western edge of the site seen from the train.

At the present limit of westerly travel is a sprung point which allows access to the track on right which climbs upwards
in an easterley direction past Bon Repos Halt.

A nice view of the railcar on the metre gauge in the station road seen from the raised section of the 60cm run.

Approaching the limit of easterly travel. The train will run through the point and reverse to take
 the right hand track back to the station.

A locotractor at the entrance to the site.

Some remains of the Réseau Breton in the area

Gouarec station tastefully restored as a Gite d'étape offering accomodation. It is well placed for cycling and rambling
with plenty of dedicated routes or
sentiers de randonnées nearby.

Caurel station, now a private residence with the local football pitch occupying the railway yard. After closure of the
 metre gauge Reseau Breton it was home to the short lived Réseau Guerlédan, a 12.25 in tourist railway operated
 between 1978 & 1979 running on the old trackbed between Caurel and Műr-de-Bretagne.
This was operated by two
 steam locomotives which are now on the Fairbourne Railway in Wales. ("Yeo" & "Sherpa"- both renamed in Wales)

An overbridge carries the bridleway, which now occupies the old trackbed, over Pors Guer in Caurel.

The bridleway running parallel with Pors Lostic in Caurel.

The bridleway crosses a minor road between Caurel and Műr-de-Bretagne. Rails are still in evidence in the roadway.

The station at
Műr-de-Bretagne. In foreground are two of the 18 boules courts on the site. There is also a
camping car area and a large car park.