Sutton Miniature Railway Reunion - October 2007

"Prince of Wales" a Bassett Lowke Little Giant locomotive stands outside the CCLR shed on Friday 5th October 2007.

It stands reunited with the 3 other SMR locos No1 "Sutton Belle", No 2 " Sutton Flyer" and no 4 the petrol railcar.
"Prince of Wales" carried the no 3 at the Sutton Miniature Railway.

The truth is that the loco is Bassett Lowke "Red Dragon" from Windmill Farm Railway repainted into SMR colours for a special
SMR weekend (6th & 7th October 2007) at the CCLR.

"Sutton Flyer" crossing Meridian Road on 6th October 2007

"Prince of Wales" working hard on the up grade to Meridian Road crossing. 6th October 2007

"Sutton Belle" pictured between North Sea Lane loop and North Sea Lane station. 6th October 2007

Trains & Boats & ..Horses? "Sutton Belle" at North Sea Lane station with views
over Cleethorpes beach to Spurn Head. 6th October 2007

"Prince of Wales" just arrived at North Sea Lane station. 6th October 2007

"Prince of Wales", driven by owner, approaching engine shed curve. 6th October 2007

Waiting to pass in Lakeside Loop.  6/10/07