CCLR Model and Steam Gala - 8th September 2007

Its 9.00am and first engines have already come off shed leaving on left road CCLR residents "Effie", Sutton Flyer",
and on right road "Red Dragon" from Windmill Farm Railway and "Badger" from Kirklees Light Railway.

"Badger" on left and CCLR loco number 24 create a nice smokey scene outside running shed.

0-6-4 "Badger" comes off shed to run down to Lakeside loop.

"Smokey Joe" from Sherwood Forest Railway brings a train from Kingsway past shed to Lakeside loop for engine change.

"Badger" at head of Keefe articulated coach set in Kingsway station awaiting departure.

No. 24 resplendent in new paintwork and livery runs into Lakeside station, driven by owner,
to relieve "Badger" which can be seen in Lakeside loop.

"Sutton Flyer" enters North Sea Lane loop with a train of mixed Sutton Miniature Railway coaching stock.

"Badger"s fireman collects the Lakeside to Kingsway staff from Lakeside Loop signalman.

"Sutton Flyer" moves off shed to change locos with "Sutton Belle" just arrived with train at Lakeside loop from Kingsway.

In afternoon "Badger" is seen piloting no. 24 passing site of old Thrunscoe station.

"Red Dragon" is coupled onto empty stock by guard prior to shunting train from platform 1 at Kingsway to platform 2.

"Badger" crosses Meridian Road level crossing in charge of a North Sea Lane train.

"Mountaineer" climbs the incline from Meridian Road crossing to North Sea Lane loop with BMR set.

On return from North Sea Lane "Badger" crosses Meridian Road at the Lakeside station crossing.

Double headed Suttons (Belle & Flyer) coast into platform 3 at Lakeside station...

... and then depart over Meridian Road in a cloud of steam.

"Effie", driven by loco owner, takes the Bushmill set up to North Sea Lane from Lakeside station.

"Red Dragon" leaves Lakeside station bound for North Sea Lane.

Guest engine Black 5 no. 5305, from Windmill Farm, creates little or no exhaust as it pilots "Sutton Flyer"
through floodgate at engine shed curve.

Battery electric 5305 seen again double heading with "Flyer" passing through floodgate near viaduct.

The two Suttons cross Meridian Road on return to Lakeside in late afternoon.