Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway

70th Anniversary Gala - 15th July 2018

In addition to trains running over the full length of the line there was a shuttle sevice operating between Lakeside and Kingsway.
This consisted of two open carriages "top and tailed" by "Smokey Joe" and "Effie".

The shuttle service returning to Lakeside with "Effie" leading.

It was very comfortable sitting at that spot so I waited for the next train hauled by "Sian".

The paintwork on "Sian" is absolutely perfect!

A nice touch at this gala was the locos waiting their turn on the trains being on public display at Lakeside.
A member of staff is asking people to stand clear whilst "Sian" comes in to the station.

"Sian" glides into Lakeside station to wait her next turn of duty.

"Effie" brings a packed shuttle service in from Kingsway station.

"Majestic" steam power on display.

"Katie" leaves Lakeside station and crosses Meridian Road on her way to North Sea Lane.

"Katie" now seen returning from North Sea Lane and crossing Meridian Road near the chalets. (there are two crossings on this road).

04 6284 climbs up to North Sea Lane Loop. The signpost is at the point where the Greenwich Meridian Line crosses the path.

"Sian" at North Sea Lane station with views over the salt marsh to the sands and sea.