Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway

70th Anniversary Gala - 15th July 2018

The first train from Lakeside to Kingsway was hauled by 24 & "Katie".

Arrival at Kingsway where the locos ran round seperately.

With 24 already on the other end of the train "Katie" now runs round.

The train needed to set back here to allow sufficient clearance for "Katie" at the point.

The 10.25 service from Kingsway with ample motive power, just coming off the viaduct.

"Katie" leads 24 through the floodgate and onto the front.

The pair are now seen crossing Meridian Road after having departed Lakeside station.

The 11.25 from Kingsway seen pulling into North Sea Lane station.....

.....with "Katie" and "Sian" on the front.

A later train, also at North Sea Lane, handled by "Sian" on her own.

"Sian" running around at North Sea Lane. The CCLR announced to the local press during the gala weekend that they were planning an extension
to the running line which would see trains crossing over Buck Beck (seen top right) and continuing to a new station in Thorpe Park to
serve the holiday camp and Humberston Fitties.