Bressingham Steam & Gardens

15th August 2019

0-4-2WT No 2 "Bevan" (built 2010 at Bressingham) about to depart on the 2ft gauge Fen Railway.

Having passed The Gallopers No 2 is about to cross the 15in gauge Waveney Valley Railway on a flat crossing.

Exmoor Steam Railway built "St. Christopher" in 2001. It moved to Bressingham from Windmill Farm in 2011.
It is seen here on the 15in gauge Waveney Valley Railway.

As we board the Waveney Valley train the 2ft gauge train is about to cross in front of us.
The line behind the guard is the 15in link to the shed rather than the mainline.

"St. Christopher" sits in the Waveney Valley station as passengers detrain.

Now with a full train "St. Christopher" is about to cross the 2ft gauge Fen Railway on the flat crossing.

The 15in railway seen from the 2ft gauge train. The two trains are timed so that there is a short run of parallel running - very clever!

"Bevan" seen at the end of its run after passengers have left.

There is also a 10.25in gauge railway - known as the Garden Railway.

It has a terminus station, seen here, where the loco is turned on the turntable prior to heading out into the gardens
 where there is a balloon loop to return the train back here.

The loco seen here is "Alan Bloom" named after Bressinghams late owner.
Built in 1995 it is based on the design of the large quarry Hunslet "George Sholto".

No 1 stands at the head of its train ready for passengers.