William Blyths Tile Works - Barton on Humber

All photographs by Mike Jackson - taken August 1979.

William Blyths operated narrow gauge railway systems at their two Barton on Humber locations.
A JCB is seen here digging the clay and loading into a single skip wagon at their Far Ings Works.

The skip is seen here, passing under the Humber Bridge, and being propelled by RH  260708/48 back to the works.

Once at the works the skip is winched up a steep incline and then emptied into milling machinery.

Looking down the incline.

Locomotive and single skip outside loco shed.

A similar railway system operated at the Barton Works to the east of Humber Bridge.

An empty two skip train running alongside a rough lane/track.

Water filled claypits seen beyond the train which is negotiating some uneven trackwork.

Loading by JCB.

Returning to the works with a full train. Seen crossing a minor road.