William Blyths Tile Works - Barton on Humber

B&W photographs on this page taken by David Limb on 4th September 1975

Loading a single skip with a tractor. The cement silos in background
are on the the Humber Bridge construction site.

A Ruston & Hornsby loco was motive power.

A final shovel or two by hand?

Returning to the tile works with Humber Bridge works in background.

Almost at the works.

The skip is positioned at bottom of incline..

..and then winched up to the top where it will be emptied into milling machinery.

The reception shed and incline was still standing (2013) on the site which is now "The Old Tileworks" comprising
a garden centre, artisan craft village, and restaurant.

A highly modified Simplex diesel locomotive, once used by the tileworks, was also on site in 2013.
It is rumoured that it is to be cosmetically restored (2023) for display at the Old Tileworks.

The reception shed and its incline seen with remains of the 2ft gauge trackwork in 2023 at "The Old Tileworks".
The new building on the left is part of the shop adjacent to the restaurant.