Barrow Hill Steam Gala 10th November 2007

This years gala was an LNER event. K1 62005 stands next to K4 61994 "The Great Marquess" in Barrow Hill yard.

A2 pacific 60532 "Blue Peter" stands in front of Jubilee 45593.

Great Central Director class no 506 "Butler Henderson" stands at buffer stops.

Thompson B1 no. 1306 "Mayflower" in LNER colours on the turntable in the roundhouse.

1306 and sister loco 61264 in BR black attract large crowds in the roundhouse.
This was the first time both preserved B1s had been in steam together post BR days.

J15 no. 65462 on loan from North Norfolk Railway.

65462 on a demonstration freight train in the yard.

K1 62005 moves past B1 61264 in a cloud of steam from cylinder drain cocks.

The two B1s pose side by side in the yard in the afternoon. To left is Stanier Jubilee 45563 "Coal Hopper" (sorry "Kolhapur"!)

The Nene Valley Railway based 1306 was absolutely immaculate - seen reversing in yard.

Later in the day the J15 takes its turn on the turntable.

62005 in the platform on the passenger running line.

V2 and K4 stand side by side in yard.

A2 60532 "Blue Peter" stands as a static exhibit behind V2 4771 "Green Arrow".

The two B1s on the passenger running line make for a fine sight.

K1 62005 posing in yard.

K4, A2, K1, and V2 give the place a real LNER atmoshere.

Taking its turn to run up and down yard is 62005.

A late afternoon picture with "Green Arrow" on the move.