Test runs through the new signals.

29th December 2015

With no trains running today test runs were carried out using light engines. This was the scene as I arrived at a deserted Barnetby station.
The down slow was signalled so I thought I might be in luck!

A few minutes later 66130 crept past a now disused Barnetby East signalbox...

... and headed towards Wrawby Junction.

The loco negotiates the pointwork outside the now disused Wrawby Junction signalbox and takes the line to Brigg.

Some minutes later the aspect of signal CB8800 on the up slow turned to yellow, hopefully signalling the locos return.
From the platform and footbridge it is still possible to see signals in either direction.

66130 approaching from Brigg.

Loco passes through the station....

... and shortly returns on the down goods which shows a yellow aspect at the junction.

Here the loco takes the Lincoln line. Assuming all testing was satisfactory freight trains to and from Immingham were due
to begin operating from 05.00 hrs on 30th December. Passenger trains would restart on 11th January 2016.

The "bare" looking scene as 66545 brings a loaded coal train into Barnetby on the down slow line on 16th January 2016.

66545 stands at the signal while 153311 on a Newark Northgate train takes the Lincoln line also on 16th January 2016.

(Photo - Graham Taylor)

As part of the resignalling the 1962 built Pasture Street signalbox in Grimsby was demolished on Boxing Day Evening 2015.

(Photo - Graham Taylor)
The impressive Ulceby Junction signalbox was demolished on the 28th Dec 2015.

(Photo - Graham Taylor)
The lever frame is still in place as Ulceby Junction box is torn down