Resignalling at Barnetby 2015

27th December 2015

(Photo - Graham Taylor)
The day after Boxing Day sees dismantling of the Down Fast bracket signals.

(Photo - Graham Taylor)
The crane lifts the Down Fast signals away after the post was cut.

(Photo - Graham Taylor)
Finally the wide bracket is removed from its post.

I arrived at Barnetby about 10.30 to find that the 3 arm bracket signal at the east box had already been removed.

Work was already turning to the remaining two home signals...

..which were soon removed.

Turning to the view from the station footbridge towards Wrawby Junction - only one of the three triple brackets remained at midday.
The replacement colour light signals were up and functional.

Barnetby East signal 39 post is removed in sections.

A road/rail vehicle was collecting new concrete sleepers on the down fast.
Note the lack of spectacle glasses in BE49.

More East box signals being dismantled.

The up fast home on platform 2 is hooked up to a crane.

With the post cut through it is lifted by the crane in the car park...

... and lowered onto the platform.

(Photo - Graham Taylor)
The down slow triple bracket has just been removed by the road crane, arms are missing from the down goods bracket.

It`s now 12.00 and the large crane at the junction is rigged to lift the final triple bracket signal.
Note the new colour lights being tested on the down fast, with the route indicator showing route for Scunthorpe.

At 12.05 after the girders are cut through the signal bracket is lifted...

... and swung high above the junction to be placed at the side of the sidings.

It`s now 12.35 and this was the scene as I returned home for lunch.