Barnetby and its semaphore signals.

Barnetby station situated to the east of Wrawby Junction in North Lincolnshire was always well known among railway enthusiasts
for its many freight trains running to and from Immingham via Wrawby Junction and the Lincoln, Retford or Scunthorpe lines.

It was also still in the era of mechanical signalling, with a fine display of semaphore signals, until Christmas 2015 when modernisation
caught up with this North Lincolnshire outpost of the Victorian railway.

  Wrawby Junction signalbox seen on Christmas Eve 2015 just after passage of final train under semaphore signalling,
5F96 ECS Cleethorpes to Sheffield at 21.17hrs. Photographs taken with full permission & supervision of Network Rail.

The last train has passed and the junction will be resignalled over the Christmas period with the first Immingham
freight train scheduled to pass through on 30th Dec 2015.

Looking west from Barnetby station footbridge, Wrawby Junction signalbox is seen on the right. The Doncaster line,
via Scunthorpe, goes to the right here. Retford via Gainsborough is straight ahead, whilst Lincoln is to the left.

An impressive collection of semaphores controlled the 3 lines to the west, with sidings, and 2 lines to east. 6/7/15.

Looking eastwards from the station footbridge is Barnetby East signalbox with 2 westward and 1 eastward line. The far left
eastward line was disconnected several years ago.

70013 "Oliver Cromwell" restarts from a signal check at Barnetby East on 9/3/12. It had arrived with support
coach & class 47 to be stabled overnight at Barnetby for railtour from Cleethorpes to Newcastle the following day.

56303 stands in the sidings at Wrawby Junction on a route learning duty - 27th Oct 2007.

55022 "Royal Scots Grey" brings an ECS train off the Lincoln line into the sidings for stabling, during a Lincoln
 Christmas Market special - 7th Dec 2007

60043 takes the line to Lincoln at Wrawby Junction, whilst a Cleethorpes to Manchester Airport Trans Pennine Express
takes the right hand route to Scunthorpe & Doncaster. The line straight ahead is for Retford via Gainsborough - 27th Oct 2007.

A fine set of semaphore signals once guarded the junction of the Lincoln to Barnetby line, with the
Doncaster to Barnetby and Retford to Barnetby lines at Wrawby Junction.  It was an early
casualty being replaced with colour lights in the mid "naughties"
Picture taken from foot crossing on 9th May 2000.

A Lincoln line sprinter overtakes Class 60 No 60034 on a tank train at Barnetby East box - 9th May 2000.

With the sprinter now in station No.60034 takes the down goods line - 9th May 2000.

Looking west through Barnetby station towards Wrawby junction. 60034 passing sprinter. The old station footbridge was
soon to be replaced with a much more substantial affair -
9th May 2000.

Class 56 no. 56078 passes through Barnetby on the up fast line - 9th May 2000.

Grimy 60046 on the down fast at Barnetby East on an Immingham Dock to Scunthorpe iron ore train - 9th May 2000.

Class 66 No 66186 on empty L.P.G. train bound for the Humber Refineries at Killingholme - 9th May 2000.

Approx one mile to the west of Barnetby station stands the largest manual
signalbox in the area, Wrawby Junction - 9th May 2000.

(photo - Corin Heathcote)
GBRf 66724 seen at Wrawby Junction taking the Lincoln line on 28th February 2013.

(photo - Corin Heathcote)
EWS 66230 at Wrawby Junction during the period of the Hatfield landslip which closed the Wrawby to Doncaster
line for several months.

56018 approaching Wrawby Junction on a coal m-g-r train with the Scunthorpe route signalled - 3/10/02

(photo - Stuart Paterson)
56105 passing through Barnetby station towards Brocklesby Junction - date unknown.

(Photo - Paul Hepworth)
A 1971 view of Barnetby station with dmu approaching from the Cleethorpes direction.