Keadby Bridge and Althorpe station

Keadby lifting bridge carries the Doncaster to Scunthorpe line over the River Trent. In recent years its lifting
mechanism has not been operational. Gunness wharf can be seen beyond the bridge. 30th May 2003

Class 60 No. 60059 "Swindon Dalesman" crosses Keadby bridge and enters Althorpe station with a mixed freight. 30th May 2003

158779 on a Manchester Airport to Cleethorpes train passes through Althorpe heading across the bridge to Scunthorpe. 30th May 2003

66564 on a Freightliner coal train from Immingham Dock to the Yorkshire power stations. 30th May 2003

Gunness private wharf on the north side of Keadby bridge. 30th May 2003

185109 on Manchester Airport service crosses the newly painted bridge & passes straight through Althorpe on 18/04/2008

66164 on an EWS coal train 18/04/2008

153352 on the local "all stations" stopper from Sheffield to Scunthorpe has just departed Althorpe and crosses the river Trent. 18/04/2008

A light engine movement towards - 66198 heads towards Doncaster 18/04/2008

(photo Peter Enefer)
20301 & 20304 on 3S12 returning through Althorpe station with the RHTT on Friday 10/10/08.

66103 approaching Althorpe station from the west with empty coal train for Immingham. 18/04/2008