Louth to Bardney after closure.

All photos © Keith Robson

Wragby station looking towards Bardney.

Wragby showing the two platforms and passing loop.

Looking towards Louth from Wragby station.

Wragby signalbox at the Louth end of station.

East Barkwith station.

East Barkwith. The signalbox was off picture behind the camera.

Looking towards Louth.

As above.

As above.

East Barkwith level crossing looking towards Bardney.

Hainton & South Willingham station, looking towards Bardney.

Looking towards Louth.

South Willingham Tunnel

South Willingham Tunnel west portal.

Entrance to the station yard at Donington on Bain.

Track reclamation works underway at Donington on Bain.

Loading bay.

The Station House.

as above.

Donington on Bain station with track lifting contractors loco in platform.

Donington on Bain.

Donington on Bain.

Platform side of Donington on Bain station.

Looking through the bridge towards Louth.

The western portal of Withcall tunnel.

Tracklifting contractors diesel locomotive appearing from Withcall tunnel.

Looking westwards from Withcall tunnel.

Another view at the tunnel with contractors loco.

Western end of Withcall tunnel.

Eastern end of Withcall Tunnel.

Many thanks to Keith Robson for sending these photos of what must have been a very scenic line.