Bardney to Bellwater Junction in 1960s

All photos John Jennison

Woodhall Junction station in June 1969.

Woodhall Junction with 1749 SO to Wadsley Bridge.

The 1749 SO train to Wadsley Bridge leaving Woodhall Junction.

The 1720 SO to Sheffield Victoria at Woodhall Junction.

Woodhall Junction signalbox.

An anglers train at Woodhall Junction signal box.

Coningsby signalbox.

Coningsby station looking towards Bellwater Junction.

Tumby Woodside in 1965

New Bolingbroke 1965

Midlands Excursion at New Bolingbroke


Midville station.

Midville signalbox.

Bellwater Junction signalbox where the "New Line"from Coningsby joined the East Lincolnshire Line
 thus allowing excursion traffic to Skegness & Mablethorpe avoid Boston.

Firsby South Junction where the excursions to Skegness would then leave the East Lincolnshire line to the right for the
final run into Skegness avoiding reversal at Firsby station, just north of the junction.